A Few of My Favorite (Running) Things

These are a few of my favorite (running) things:

Part I in a series of my favorites leading into the holiday season (to be continued on my personal blog)

Somehow we are already in the middle of November, with the holiday season quickly descending upon us.  I thought I’d offer some ideas for what to get the picky runner in your life.

My first favorite: Swiftwick Socks.  Most runners that I’ve met are pretty selective with their sock choices, and with good reason.  Think about how much time we spend in our running shoes.  Go with one of these and you’re sure to make a good impression.  Here’s a rundown of the basics.



The ASPIRE line was initially the line I was most excited to try.  I’d seen great reviews about it and saw that several other professional runners hailed it as their favorite sock in which to train and race.  I was not disappointed!  It is thin with good compression but still has just a touch of soft cushioning to ensure a comfortable fit that wraps the foot perfectly.  Great for runs and workouts as it wicks away moisture to keep your foot dry and prevent painful blistering.

Pros: thin, provides compression, cushioning, wicking

When I use it: runs of any length, hard workouts, wet weather




The VIBE series is the sock that prompted my obsession with Swiftwick – this is the first one I purchased for myself and used during a run.  It’s slightly thicker (read: more cushioned) than the ASPIRE, but still has good wicking properties and is a great sock for everyday running.  It doesn’t provide the same level of compression that the ASPIRE does, either, but that is not necessarily a bad thing.

Pros: soft cushioning, wicking, snug but not tight fit

When I use it: everyday runs of any length




This is the sock that got me through the Flagstaff Winter.  It’s made of phenomenally moisture-wicking and insulating Merino Wool and surprisingly (to me), it doesn’t overheat my feet.  The height on this one isn’t my favorite because I’m so used to wearing “no-show” or zero height socks, but I’m getting used to it. It’s also a tad thicker than I really like for running, but that’s just because I’m overly particular about socks!

Pros: maximum wicking, super-cushioned, not itchy

When I use it: cold runs, hiking




THIS IS THE ONE!  I almost just want to leave it at that, but I suppose I could elaborate a bit.  It combines moderate compression with superior breathability in the thinnest and lightest of all of the Swiftwick socks.  It truly does not feel like you’re wearing anything at all.  This is the sock that ended my hunt for the perfect sock and is the only one I will wear now for races of any length.

Pros: thin, breathable, compression, perfect fit

When I use it: races


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